Train Your Own AI Research Assistant

Upload documents to create a highly skilled and knowledgeable AI Assistant

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We take away the pain of training an AI with your documents and knowledge

Upload your documents

Upload PDF files, Text Documents and EPUB files. Use internal company documents, text from books, course notes, emails, or text from web pages and blogs.

We train the AI

We break down your documents to create fine-tuning rules. Then we use the rules to create and train a highly skilled personal AI assistant and search engine.

You ask questions

Ask your new assistant about anything contained within your documents. The AI analyzes your request, does its research, and provides natural language answers based on your training documents.

Your Subject Matter Expert

Create unlimited sets of knowledge, and select the sets you need when you ask your questions. The AI will limit its responses to the datasets you select.

You can be confident in the answers because the AI uses knowledge obtained from your verified sources.

Controlled Access

Your Admin user can create additional logins and passwords. Your users log in to access the search engine and AI research assistant.

Let your Admin give trusted users the ability to add documents to train new knowledge.

We host everything and setup the databases. You don’t need any additional infrastructure or hosting plans.

How will you use BlinkData?

Use BlinkData as a private search engine or a highly skilled discovery and research assistant. Use natural language to ask questions. Receive plain language answers based on the content of your private document sources.

Upload research papers, documents, or text from books to create a base of knowledge that the AI can access.

Search results can be viewed in summary or detail format. Ideal for knowledge bases, technical documents, and manuals.

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We trained an AI to act as an expert research assistant. It was trained with hundreds of private documents on Ancient Roman History.

Max Planck Institute
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We have created an expert in historical religious texts at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence. The AI is being used as a discovery assistant for a PhD thesis.

University of Georgia

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