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Welcome to BlinkData

Blinkdata is a brand name that is used by multiple products and services.

My name is Raymond Davey, and I have been writing vertical market software packages for most of my life. You can email me using

In the list below, you will find a summary of my various products, projects, and services.

Many of the links lead to other websites. The websites will open in a new tab.

Product name Description Status
My Writing Toolbox AI assisted brainstorming tool for Fiction Writers and Authors. Active
Intellect An AI based marketing and sales system. Generates business ideas, marketing materials, course content, blog posts etc etc. Used by customers throughout the world. Very Active – White Label
Intellect Advantage An AI based marketing and sales system. Generates business ideas, marketing materials, course content, blog posts etc etc. Includes AI based mentorship and advice. Based on Intellect and Panel of Expertise. Under development and not yet released. Enhanced version of Intellect. Active
TeachersExpert An AI based system to generate everything from lesson plans, through to assignments and marking. Lots of features to generate ideas and handle difficult situations and student differentiation. The GUI is in 5 languages (Including Māori). Used by teachers throughout the world with a good following in Germany, New Zealand and Australia. White label as TeachersBuddy
ListingCreatives A system that writes property descriptions and social media posts for Realtors. Solves all their writing needs. Can write a comprehensive property description from as little as 5 to 10 bullet points. New Zealand and USA specific websites and pricing Retired
Health Connect AI AI assisted diagnosis, individual treatment planning, and Multilingual patient educational materials. Aiming to help doctors in remote locations and developing nations access advanced medical knowledge when English is not first language. Active
Panel of Expertise A SAAS app that provides AI based experts and mentorship to businesses to help them grow Merged into Intellect Advantage
MyTimesheets Timesheeting App for New Zealand businesses. Links to 30+ Payroll systems (including Xero, iPayroll, Crystal, IMS etc). Used by hundreds of business clients. Very Active
MyVisitorLog Health and Safety Visitor log. Developed during Covid – but pivoted into the Health and Safety space. Allows visitors to check in and out using QR codes with their mobile devices. Presents Health and Safety information to visitors on arrival. Active
Blinkdata (The product) In the early days of AI (Before ChatGPT), Blinkdata had a product that allowed users to train the AI to be a personal assistant by using PDF files and Text documents. When ChatGPT was released, this product pivoted into TeachersBuddy. The site is still up and running for existing clients – but is not taking on any new users. New users are recommended to look at ChatPDF. Existing Users only
Anesthesia Plus (Mobile) A mobile app that is used by Anesthetists throughout New Zealand. Allows them to do billing and track time spent on operations. Also provides a diary of upcoming and completed operations. Private Label
Udemy Open AI Course My signature course for developers and OpenAI. Written in January 2023. One of the first Udemy courses on the subject. Updated when GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 were released. 6,600+ students Passive
Takeoff Quantity Surveying Estimation Software running on Linux/Unix with integration to AutoCad Acquired
Contra-Pac Estimating and Contract management software for large civil engineering works Multiple companies, Currently in Private Use
WebgateAPI Common API gateway for multiple accounting systems and ECommerce Acquired and rebranded as Codi SAAS
SmartPro App Mobile end-to-end CRM and Sales system with Accounting Software Integration Partly Acquired, Partly Retired
WebNinja E-Commerce Software with Accounting Software Integration Still running (no ongoing involvement)
NZA Gold Full Stack, Accounting Software and Payroll. 20,000+ Companies. Company owner. Winner Best NZ Software Acquired by MYOB
Aurora One Full Stack, Accounting Software Solution for New Zealand and Australia Acquired by MYOB
RetailBasics Full Stack, Turnkey POS Solution – Written under contract to MYOB Australia No ownership
Car-o-line Sales Management, Inventory, Prospecting and Administration for Car Dealerships Retired
Kits Art Warehouse Wall art for kids bedrooms and nurseries. Sales throughout USA and New Zealand. Put of Hold during covid – due to shipping restrictions.
World Travel Prints Work in progress Not launched yet
Ray Davey Art Private artworks created by Raymond Hobby/Offline
Sttyl Private collection of high relevance videos for Photoshop and marketing ideas Hobby/Active
The Solo Board Gamer A blog and review site for solo board games and sol variants of multiplayer board games. Very Active
RPG Solo Games A blog and review site for TTRPG (Table top role playing games). Started off as a review site for journaling games. Passive
Data Hunter A sci-fi solo board game where the player takes on the role of a bounty hunter. The game cycle is well defined – making it good for solo player that prefer a predefined hex crawl. Active
Story Teller Deck A deck of cards that can be used by writers. It provides writing prompts, plot ideas, and descriptive words. It can also be used as an oracle for role playing games. Active
Amazon Book 650+ Memory Prompts for your AutoBiography, Memoir or Life Story Published 2017
Amazon Book Fix your Lousy Meetings: with the Ultimate Guide to Lean Coffee Published 2017
Amazon Book Mindset Mastery for Entrepreneurs: Simplify, Focus, and Thrive in a Hectic World Published 2023
Stories Kept A site that allows people to write their autobiography. By working through a series of 600+ writing prompts, the user builds a book about their life that can be exported as a PDF or physically printed. This product is 8 years old. Work is being done to refresh the product and to help users with their writing by using AI. It is not taking on new users at this time. Under development
Blinkdata (the brand) The main Brand Website and Blog of Raymond Davey. This site contains a collection of the best ChatGPT prompts for Business and Health. Active