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Making an Illustrated Story using ChatGPT and MidJourney

What do you get when you mix OpenAI GPT-3, Mid Journey, Azure Speech Studio, and Adobe Feed Enhancement?

Other than a final edit in Adobe Premier, you get a fully illustrated, AI-written, adventure story.

While the video makes it look easy, follow along to understand the potential, and enjoy the story at the end.

[responsive_youtube OV88YP34O8U]
Source: All About AI YouTube Channel

Clearly, a streamlined process like this could be used to create hundreds of children’s books and videos in short order.

With appropriate prompting, each story could be tailored to teach a life lesson or skill.

What’s most impressive about this video, is that it’s only been a week or so since ChatGPT was first released to the public!

What does the future hold?

The literary world should be worried. They will need to look up and take notice.

Without a doubt, the prompts will be refined, and processes will be developed to generate compelling stories with obstacles, failures, and successes, as well as feelings expressed by the characters.

Current AI is not capable of writing a full-length novel or writing literature aimed at adults.

But time will fix that… And it could happen much sooner than we had first expected.