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OpenAI and GPT3 Course

The course is no longer available. After a year and 6,600+ students, I asked for the course to be delisted. There are lots of other courses on Udemy now, and the course was getting out of date. The embedding videos are still online for free at

Length : 4+ hours

OpenAI, ChatGPT, GPT3 and DALL-E Course Content

What is OpenAI?

– Introduction
– Quick Start Code Example
– Text Completion at a High Level
– CodeX High Level Overview
– What are Tokens
– DALL-E High Level Overview
– Signing Up to OpenAI

No-Code Testing Using the OpenAI Playground

– Examples using OpenAI Playground

Prompt Engineering

– Multiple Recipes
– Stopping Drift
– Position of new lines and spaces

Writing Code

– Making Requests
– Understanding Responses
– Available Libraries
– Testing in the Playground
– Simple CURL Example
– Simple Python Example
– Simple Node.js Example
– Simple C# Example
– Simple PHP Example


– Overview and how to use

Code Walkthroughs

– Asking Simple Questions
– Giving Simple Instructions
– Simplifying Text
– Translating
– Classifying Data
– Writing Ad Copies

Tweaking Prompt Parameters

– In depth slides for each parameter
– Adjusting probabilities for selected tokens
– Avoiding Repetition

Tips, Tricks, and Limitations

– Tips for Prompt Engineering

Code for the Edits

– Using Input and Instruction


– Overview
– Examples
– Modifying Images
– Generating Variations
– Image handling in memory for multiple programming languages
– Image Moderation

CODEX learn by example

– Capabilities
– Comments to generate code
– Comments to generate SQL
– Explaining a function
– Recipe for complex tasks
– Finding and Fixing Bugs
– Convert between programming languages
– Teaching new API definitions
– Step by Step Refining a Function from Scratch
– Generating Safe Code and Warning About Exploits

Fine Tuning GPT

– What is Fine Tuning?
– Overview of the Steps
– Preparing Training Data
– Lots of examples
– Training a chatbot
– Analysing Effectiveness of Training
– Parameters to use for each Use Case
– Scraping data for Training
– Using GPT to Generate Training Data
– Improve its own Output
– How to Upload your Training (with code)
– Importing the Training (with code)
– n_epochs, batch_size and learning_rate_multiplier
– Common Error message


Embedding content is available for free from >> here <<

– What are they
– How to store them and use them in code
– Setting up and using Text Similarity (with code walkthrough)
– Concept of Text Distance
– Setting up and Using Semantic Search (with code walkthrough)
– Loading the data, filtering the results
– What is a Cosine Similarity?


– Code walk though to setup and use
– Practical example of using Classification
– What is a Random Forest Classifier (in plain english)
– Lots of use cases for classification
– Testing Accuracy of the Classifier


– Code walk though to setup and use
– Finding hidden patterns
– Using GPT to discover the hidden pattern
– Practical example of using Classification

Making a Chatbot (Not ChatGPT)

– The back and forth of chat
– Training for Customer Service Bot
– Training for Product Knowledge Bot
– Combining ChatBots with Embedding
– Ringfencing the Discussion
– Adding Persistent Memory

Creative Writing

– Expanding Text
– Summarizing text
– Extracting Info
– Rewriting text

Usage Policy Discussion

– Legality
– Risk of Potential Harm
– Content Moderation

Best Safety Practices

– Types of Testing
– API Key Safety
– Hardening Against Hackers
– Various tips to save money